Memories of your childhood, 
Your service to our country, 
Your work, 
Your family, 
Your pet, 
Your struggles, 
or anything at all... it is up to you.

The Process:

First, we meet to get acquainted, and plan the video session.

  • In the initial meeting you select questions which jog your memory for stories you want to tell.
  • We discuss location and lighting.

  • Then we meet in a setting of your choice and video record a two hour conversation about those topics you wish to discuss. 

  • I travel light. It is just me, my equipment and perhaps one assistant. Your recording experience should be as stress free and relaxed as possible.

  • After the recording session, I edit the original to remove noise and distractions so your stories can shine.

  • Still pictures from your life and favorite music may be incorporated into the final product to enhance the story you wish to tell.

  • I then deliver to you the finished session of about 90 minutes on DVD for you to share with your family and friends. 

  • You own the material. 

  • It is your story. Your life. Share it.

  • We can also discuss the documenting of events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, other family events etc. 

 A video service dedicated to preserving our memories, life stories, family history and culture.

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