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 A video service dedicated to preserving our memories, life stories, family history and culture.

Not everyone wants to be, nor should be a star.

          But everyone has a story and that story deserves to be told.

You deserve to tell it. You were there.
          People deserve to hear it; what really happened.
​Who better to tell their story than you,

          Who have lived and have something to say?  

         Your story demands to be shared with those who want to listen.

​Tell it again.

Storyography is dedicated to your

  • telling,
  • preserving and
  • sharing your story,
  • in your words. 

I promise to apply my experience 

to assist you to 

tell your story

in the best way possible.


Talk Story
Known in Hawaii as mo’olelo, Talk Story is the tradition of personally sharing important stories to preserve them for future generations.

Storyography is the mainland version of Talk Story.

Who I am:

  • I am John K. Adams.


  • I love stories. My earliest memories are of playing at the feet of adults as they talked and told their stories. 

  • Seeking good stories led to a long and varied career in film making. 

  • My career spanned more than twenty years. I contributed to some great movies, and some that were not so great.

  • I won many awards, wrote scripts, edited sound, ADR, and picture. 

  • I worked production, post production, props, sets and lighting... traveled the world and had a lot of fun. 

  • ​"Jerry McGuire," "The Thing," "Air Force One," and countless others are movies I contributed to. 

  • ​You can search me on IMDB.​​​

For a complete list  of sample questions,

  • please click the "Contact" button

         and fill out a request .

  • I will send you a list of suggested 'starter' questions at no cost and with no obligation.

  • How can I assist you to tell your story?


​​​What I Do:

  • I will assist you in creating a video memoir, that you can share with  your family and friends in a user friendly manner, affordable to all.

  • I respect your privacy. ​