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Event Documentation:  $899


Do you wish to document a birthday party, anniversary, reunion or other unique, family celebration?

Creating a video record of a once in a lifetime event provides you with:

  • the luxury of revisiting the event at your leisure and also
  • catching some moments with your loved ones that you may have missed. 


  • Additional planning/coordination time is needed so the big moments of the event are not overlooked. 

  • Please confirm what transitional music will be desired.

  • Inclusion of still photographs - please refer to the Enhancements schedule here:   

  • A second camera person is strongly recommended for these events and well worth the added expense. Please add $200 to package price.

  • The Event Documentation package provides up to four hours of recording on the day of the event. 

  • Additional lighting that may be needed is included in the package price. 

  • Event interviews with additional guests, family and friends to be incorporated in the final DVD may be scheduled. Add $199 to any package.
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