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I just finished watching the Storyography film about my dog Briscoe made by John Adams. It is in a word outstanding. 
Being able to sit back with my family members and watch a tribute to my adorable dog who has become one of the family is priceless.
The whole experience from beginning to end was a delight. John is a natural at both arranging, editing, and producing the final project. During the interview I felt completely at ease as he asked all the right questions, and gave positive feedback when necessary. John didn't direct...he simply let the story unfold. 
My story in my own words is one I can watch again and again with my friends and loved ones. 
It is impossible to stop time, however John has been able to capture the moment in a fashion that is timeless. 
If you are considering working with John on creating something which will last for generations to come I strongly encourage you to do so. 
All the best,
Cameron Wardlaw, MA LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

"I recently engaged Storyography to record a video statement of myself, so that my grandchildren would know more about my life and times... I am very pleased with the results of this experience and was impressed with the finished product. I may have to make a second volume."
Patrick Alan Reed 

August 31, 2015   


PR tells how timing can make or break a live performance. 1:50

PR comments on catching a ten foot shark. :30

PR remembers the prank his Grandfather played on him when he was nine years old. :50

PR remembers attending the 1972 Republican Convention on a field trip. 1:10

PR remembers playing the Mysterious Stranger on stage. 2:15

PR describes his brief musical career. 1:30

PR describes a fellow student's prank. :50

PR on the lunar landing. 1:00

PR on live performance. 1:30

PR remembers high school football. 1:07

PR gets a hunting lesson. 1:30

​PR encounters his Grandfather's bull. 1:30


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CW Remembers Satchmo teaching his puppy the ropes. 2:00


CW remembers losing his 1st dog, Benji. 2:15

CW remembers a family history video he made. 1:15


"This is really terrific.  It reminds me of NPR’s Story Corps, but better -- it's video!" 
​ Fr. DOMINIC DELAY / Mud Puddle Films