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 A video service dedicated to preserving our memories, life stories, family history and culture.

This Package Includes:


A Special Discount Rate is available for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.



Recording Session:

  • We meet at the previously appointed time and place and record your interview over about two hours.
  • One videographer (and possible assistant) are included.
  • Lighting is provided per previous meeting.
  • This session lasts from 2 to 21/2 hours.

Post Production:

  • The raw footage is edited and transferred to DVD format.
  • 2 copies of the interview DVD are delivered to you in personalized DVD cases.
  • Uploading of the interview is also available to YouTube on request.  

 Introductory Interview:

  • Together we meet, get acquainted and examine and create a list of topics you wish to cover in the allotted recording time. 
  • Music selection is discussed and confirmed.
  • We discuss where you wish to be recorded and whether lighting will be necessary. 
  • Also covered are how you wish to be dressed and other considerations, questions and concerns.
  • We confirm the Date, Time and Location of your Interview Recording session.
  • This meeting lasts approximately one hour.

The Basic Storyography Interview Package is our most popular package. 

With this you tell your story to your audience.

  • You can go into as much detail as you like about your successes achieved, failures overcome, joys, sorrows, struggles and contentment, your arrival and how you got here. 

  • Your audience has much to gain by your covering the gamut of your experience, starting out, setbacks, courtship, marriage, career and how you felt and thought through it all.

  • As you know, the struggles and missteps on the way may be as entertaining (and 'character building'!) as the accomplishments everyone knows. How can your audience learn from your mistakes?

  • How long did it take to become an 'over night sensation'?

  • You are on camera telling your story as you want people to hear it. Your family and fans get to watch as you bring your memories to life, your way or the highway. 

To find out more about price and other options, please contact: 

Storyography Video Memoir Service at:(818)209-1738.

Or at

Or fill out the form on the 'Contact' page and press "Submit".

Basic Storyography Interview Package     $399

Package Options:

There are several choices you may make to guide Storyography in creating a unique and individual document of your story.